Drogba and Henry talk about international football

Difficulty Level: 1→(2)→(3)

Background: Drogba and Henry are in Africa filming a television advert for Pepsi Cola. As part of their sponsorship commitments they have to make a short video.

Think about this question when you watch the video for the first time:

What does Drogba like about playing for the Ivory coast?

[afterwards read the text to check your understanding. Watching before reading to answer the question above will help you to develop your listening skills]

I know, obviously, you have two passports. The French one and the one from [the] Ivory Coast. So, what made you chose the Ivory Coast instead of the French team?

First of all I was born in [the] Ivory Coast. And I had the chance to move to France when I was 6 years old. So, I had both cultures, and… but… when I had to decide to play for the national team [to decide which national team to play for], my heart was more with the Ivory Coast. You know, when you hear the national anthem… it’s something crazy, you know. So, it was just natural. Even though it would have been a great pleasure to play with you in [the] French national team! But, you know, I think the experiences I am having with the Ivory Coast national team are really fantastic, and unforgettable.

It must be amazing because… how is it to wear that jersey, because for me, I grew up in France, I played in France, and it’s not like a big deal to leave Spain to go back to France. But, for you guys, I know, going back to Africa and wearing that jersey, and coming there… the guys as always, like, crazy to see you.

Yeah, they are crazy to see us, because, you know, we don’t go there often, you know, maybe once every two or three months. And because they see all the games, the Champions League and everything, so when we come back they’re really excited, and they want to show us their love, their support, so, you know, it’s really exciting.

Must be amazing.

It is.