Football English – The Book

Football English

Football (Soccer) Vocabulary for Learners of English.

The English for Football book for Learners of English.

Who is this book for?

football socer english vocabulary book

For learners of English who want to talk about football (soccer) in English.

Written for football (soccer) players, football fans and football officials (referees, managers, coaches, administrators etc.)

It is suitable for anyone who has at least an intermediate level of English (i.e. above B1 in reading)

Where can I buy Football English?.

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As read by Antonio Conte of Chelsea!

Picture above featured in British newspapers on Sep 4 2017, and then featured in the Guardian and the Times

What topics does it cover?

Football English contains exercises to help you improve your vocabulary in these areas:

Kicking & Moving the Ball │ Positions │ Describing a Game │ Attacking │ Defending │ Tactics │ The Rules & The Referee │ The Score & Results │ Scoring Goals │ Shooting │ Skills & Abilities │ Management & Signings │ Chances │ Form │ Statistics │ Team Selection │ The World Cup │ The League │ Football Grounds & The Pitch │ Mistakes │ Training │ Calls │ Injuries │ Fans │ The Goal │ Fixtures │ Goalkeeping │ Heading │ Timing

Click here to download a PDF of the first 4 chapters of Football English – The English for football book for learners of English

Who is the Author?

Tom Challenger is a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. He has 10 years of experience helping people with the vocabulary and skills they need to do their particular jobs. Tom holds professional qualifications in teaching English and is a certified teacher trainer. He is also a football fan!

To contact the author about the book or about English training for football professionals please email him directly at

Football English: the English for soccer book / English for Football Book for Learners of English.

ISBN: 978-3950338201

2 thoughts on “Football English – The Book

  1. Dear Mr. Challanger,

    I‘m reading your „Football English“ book in the english version and I can tell you that I really like your book and the different exercises.
    It makes a lot of fun to learn the football words in your book. So well done:)
    Just one note:
    On page 35, exercise 5, I have found a small mistake. Nr. 3.b) it should be „TEAM A…“ not „Have A…“.
    Maybe you can change it in the next version.
    Thank you for your book.

    Daniel Schlager
    Referee from Germany

    • Thank you very much for your feedback Mr Schlager.

      (Have also sent you an email in reply — check you spam folder if you don’t get it)

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