Football in Nigeria

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Background:It’s 2010. Just before the World Cup in South Africa. Gabriel Agu from Lagos, Nigeria, talks about his life and football.

Think about this question when you watch the video for the first time:

What aspects of Gabriel’s life demonstrate his passion for football?

[afterwards read the text to check your understanding. Watching before reading to answer the question above will help you to develop your listening skills]

I always open the shop around 11 to 12. And I say a little prayer. Then sweep every area, every angle inside [corner of] the shop. Then the day starts. I sell sports items in the shop; the likes of football boots, some football hose [or football socks], football flyers [scarves], short ???? [shorts], customised jerseys.

“I have Manchester”. “Yeah, Yeah, this one.”

The forthcoming World Cup. It has propelled me… as in going to the market to get some goods so that customers who are coming for the World Cup demands [for their World Cup needs]… I will not be found wanting.

The zeal that I have in me about football… is the passion that ???? in me… and can never go off [never go away]. Because that is my world. And that is what I am choosing, and that is what I am living.

The passion I have inside me entices customers [from] all around. In fact, the sales of [on] the market is boosting [have been boosted]. And I love it!

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