Pep Guardiola – Barcelona

Difficulty Level: 1→(2)→(3)
Important football (soccer) vocabulary is highlighted at the bottom of the page.
Watch the video first without reading the text so you practice your listening skills.

Think about these questions when you watch the video for the first time:
Why is the result not as bad as the 6-1 scoreline suggests?
Does he think that City are now favourites to win the Premier League?
[afterwards read the text to check your understanding]

Background: It’s October 2011 and Manchester United have just lost 6-1 to their local rivals Manchester City. This is seen as a sign that City will replace United as England’s top club. Guardiola gives his opinion.

I didn’t see the game. I spoke with some persons [people] who saw the game. It’s one ???, it’s a tough result [difficult result to take for United]. We can forget that [it’s easy to forget that] Manchester United played all the second half [the whole of the second half] 10 against 11 [with 10 men]. And the last 3 goals, it was in the last 2 or 3 minutes, so, you have to… but, United is [are], for his [its] history, absolutely one of the best clubs of the world [in the world]. Never change, nothing change that [nothing has changed that], even the defeat from yesterday [of yesterday]. And, er, City is [are] getting better year by year. Cos [=because] the same coach [is] working with them, the investment of the owners, each year, it’s better and better, so… And Silva is one of the top players, absolutely, [he has] huge qualities [great qualities]. It’s important for England [playing in English football] [that] he can adapt [to] these kind of players. Because he can move, he can play, he can make player[s] play to the rest of his teammates. So it’s congratulations for [to] David. And, er, I think it will be a very fascinating Premier League this, this, year, because, er, Manchester United, er, City, er, Chelsea also, Liverpool sooner or later will be there, so…

result: the score at the end of the match
a defeat: a loss (of a football match)

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