Referee- feedback after a match

Difficulty Level: 1→(2)→(3)

Background: It’s Euro 2008. It is the first week of the tournament. Referee Howard Webb and his two assistant referees have just officiated over a match. They meet the UEFA director of refereeing to receive feedback on their performance.

Think about this question when you watch the video for the first time:
There were two goals in the match. Were the referees right to give these goals?
[afterwards read the text to check your understanding. Watching before reading to answer the question above will help you to develop your listening skills]

I have to be honest Howard. The performance tonight… it was OK… the match was full [fully] under control. And it’s always a pity, and I know, I know it’s always a pity that you can’t do anything for it [you can’t do anything about it]. The most important situation of the match was the first goal. That’s [that was] terrible for the tournament. I cannot ignore the pictures shown by television to everybody of the whole world [all over the world]. So, overall it was OK, it was really not a problem, the match was full [fully] under control during 90 minutes [throughout the 90 minutes], no problems at all. It’s only a pity that these things happens [happen]. But, that’s our life boys, that’s our life. Sometimes we are the winners, sometimes we are the losers. We are not the losers today, but… I cannot ignore it. And the second point, the penalty was, very, very… the was a lot of discussions [discussion] about it. Tomorrow afternoon, one-thirty, I think we will have 6 or 7 clips, so then we will see. Yeah? OK? So, cheers again.